Quick Fire Tips For Acne Sufferers

Acne Tips – Self Treatment

1) Washing/Cleaning Acne

Wash your skin in a gentle manner either with a mild cleanser/soap or with fresh, clean water, once in the morning, once in the evening, and following any form of exercise.


Wash your face, back, chest, or neck, all infected areas of acne thoroughly but do not scrub clean or rub your acne as this can inflame tissue.


Make sure you rinse yourself thoroughly too and use clean, fresh cotton towels if possible, patting infected acne areas gently.


Ask your physician or doctor for advice on what cleanser to use.


2) Don’t Scrub Your Acne

When washing or cleaning infected areas, don’t scrub your acne as this will only inflame the affected areas and could lead to permanent scarring or prevent your acne from healing quicker.


3) Don’t ‘Pick’ Or ‘Pop’ Your Zits

One of the common acne myths is that picking at or popping spots will heal the acne quicker – wrong! As with scrubbing, don’t do it as again, this will only serve to inflame affected areas and will, in fact, slow down the healing process.


4) Shaving & Acne

Men who have acne and shave must test whether safety or an electric shaver/razor is most comfortable to use as this can be quite a painful thing if you suffer from acne.


Shave stubble/beards gently, using rhythmic strokes, and use soapy water to soften the beard before applying shaving foam/cream. If you happen to ‘nick’ a spot, don’t pick at it, clean and rinse before patting dry.


5) Avoid Frequent Touching Of Acne

Avoid frequent handling or touching of your acne, don’t use tweezers, avoid rubbing, scratching or itching. Doing so can cause bacteria buildup or lead to potential scarring.


6) Avoid Sunbathing/Sun Tans

Another common acne myth is that sunbathing or getting a tan will improve your acne – wrong. Excessive exposure to the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays can crack your acne and even age your skin. Many of the various acne treatment products contain agents that make your skin more susceptible to sunburn. Keep in the shade or use sunblock.


7) Try Different Products & Methods

If your acne suffering is seriously affecting your life or making you miserable and you want to consider treatment options, it is always wise to shop around, to try out various treatments and methods as not all will work or prove as effective as you hope.


It depends on the individual and the different products and methods you try. Some acne sufferers have had success using a combination of treatment, some surgical, and some non-surgical. Always consult a professional.


8) Acne & Cosmetics Products

It is advisable to choose your cosmetic products carefully if you suffer from acne. Choose products that are oil free and ones that don’t contain agents that will close up your skin pores, look for a label reading “noncomedogenic”.


9) Acne & Depression

While acne is itself in no way linked to depression, many people with acne do suffer from depression without even knowing it. If you suffer from acne and feel tired, lethargic, or generally unhappy, seek the advice of your physician or doctor.


10) Get Help

Great strides have been made in the fight to ease acne suffering which is a horrible unavoidable skin disease that can leave deep-rooted emotional scarring as well, a fight whether it be through treatment products, medicine, counseling, or talking to others who have or do suffer from acne. Seek professional help, speak to your friends and family, and tell them how unhappy you are with your acne. Don’t bottle it up inside you and hope it goes away. You can fight it.

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