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Leeds is a city with a fantastic creative community, with many graduates and students from art universities and fresh new design talent cropping up regularly, there are some fantastic local and upcoming designers and boutiques to be found.


Vau Vau Fashion Show took place last week, on the 4th of October, and was a prime example of the creativity to be found in the North. Held in the Left Bank church, the unique venue combined with a fun-loving and quirky show left us all feeling excited, and reaching for our credit cards! The fantastic team over at the Bauhaus agency put the event together with great dedication and with a mixture of new designers, local favorites, and vintage boutiques showcasing their pieces, it was certainly a night to celebrate Leeds fashion!


We headed over to the show to check out the nail art that was rocking the runway.

White nails were a staple of the evening and have been popping up on everyone's radar recently. Mixing the nails in with tough accessories by designer Richard Ayres (above) gave the nails a distinctive edge and the color really stood out against the black outfits!

From celebrity trend lovers such as Miley Cyrus to the streets of London Fashion Week, everybody is rocking the look, and the Vau Vau show was no different! Models wore their nails long and shaped to a point at the end, a very slick way to wear white!

We also loved these cute and quirky polka dot nails. Set against a black varnish, the multicolored spots stood out and went perfectly with the fun vibe of the show. They were shown with pieces by designers such as Claire Baxter(above) and the pattern clash was a perfect way to set off the designs


The nails were also matched to one of the makeup looks for the models, designed by Liza Mooney, the eyelashes for the models had tiny black and white balls on them, creating a polka dot eye makeup look with a twist!

Lastly was our favorite nail art look of the evening. Pastel-colored nails with a white tip! This gorgeous look worked perfectly with the colorful closing show by Australia Latex and was perfectly matched to the beautiful makeup created for the designer by Jack Tyson.

This look is a great twist on the traditional french manicure and a lovely way to inject some color into your beauty look! The pastel shades keep the look pretty and feminine and will keep a spring in your step as the autumn weather looms over us! I know we will certainly be giving this one a go!

The whole show was a great success, and we have left with some inspiration for new nail art ideas to try on ourselves! If anyone has some cool pastel or polka dot styles they would like to share with us, get in touch!

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