Most Fashion forward Cities in America

America is known for its technological and industrial advancement. It is a major world power, and perhaps the most powerful country in the world.

It is also known as the country with the most fashion-forward cities on the entire planet. In fact, most of the cities labeled as top fashion cities, belong to America.  Here are the top fashion-forward cities in America.

New York City

 For five years, it reigned as the topmost city in the world of fashion. But currently, New York has been beaten by Milan. New York has many prestigious fashion schools, which prove their high-end fashion sense. This city, despite being the top fashion-forward city, concentrates on economic success rather than elegance. It has a tradition of excellence in design and has a historical center of fashion design. If you want to go shopping, this city is the best place because of its high-class fashion shopping districts.

Los Angeles

LA has its own style. If we are talking about fashion, we cannot leave out the glamour city.  LA is home to many famous TV and movie stars. This city also has a fashion district, which covers 90 blocks. It is funded by over 700 owners.

Las Vegas

Besides being known for its casinos, Las Vegas made it to the top fashion-forward cities in America. It is not surprising because many big names come to these casinos, and they are all dressed to kill. 


Philadelphia has also proven its fashion sense through a number of fashion courses offered by many prestigious universities in the city. Also, Philadelphia apartments reflect a sense of fashion in their modern architecture. The fashion sense is really alive in this city.

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